Daily travels continued…

The tire blowout

Some days are like this… even in Australia. (Or North Carolina…)

We’re currently in Raleigh North Carolina, getting all new tires. And while this detour meant that Eric didn’t get to do his first two hemp interviews, we did learn a few important things:

1: the RV weighs 14k pounds. (Something we probably should have known, but didn’t know to ask).

2: when a tire is about to blow it makes a “wub wub wub” sound first. Reminds me of the princess bride: “what are the three terrors of the Fire Swamp? One, the flame spurt - no problem. There's a popping sound preceding each; we can avoid that.”

3: kind people are everywhere. The big rig driver who helped us pull over. Chad at Piedmont Truck Tires in Raleigh who made sure all our tires were checked. The weird guitar player who serenaded us on the streets of Durham.

We’re out here, on day 3 of this trip, not sure what the heck we signed up for. Wondering if we should cut our losses and head home. Honestly, we’re still not sure. But at least there are kind people along the way.

We’re back on the road after getting all new tires — apparently ours were dry rotted and we’re really lucky. Thanks for saving us Piedmont Tires!

Now we’re heading to Lake Powhatan.

So far today, I dropped a full water bottle on my foot and got hit in the collar bone with a large rock when iris and hazel were amusing themselves at the tire place by having a rock throwing competition… Oy!

Hopefully we’ll be smooth sailing from here on.

(Send prayers)


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