Sliding Rock, NC and Dollywood, TN

Years ago, I had a vivid dream about a place in the woods where a river ran over worn, smooth rock, making a natural slide. In the dream there were people at the bottom of the slide standing on a bridge, and people lined up on the side waiting their turn to slide.

Then, a few years ago, a friend of ours posted their vacation photos from the Great Smokey Mountains and they had a picture of the place in my dream! It was called Sliding Rock and it was in North Carolina.

Well, today I got to visit Sliding Rock and dip into the icy cold water of Looking Glass Creek. ✨

And then… we went to Dollywood. We got there in the late afternoon and applied the secret rule for amusement park visits: start at the back of the park and work your way forward. Me and Hazel rode as many roller coasters as we could — and then there were fireworks.

Feeling very dreamy and thankful.

Happy Independence Day, my friends.

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