What are the kids fighting about today?

The Hurlock girls have a tendency to be…argumentative. They’re a hearty brew of Italian fire, Irish temper, English wit (without the reserve), and a large dose of American ego. (How’s that for stereotyping!)

But seriously, these girls are fighters—at home, anyway. At school they’re sweet angels who listen and help out and work well with others.

But we’re not at school, and we’re not at home. We’re in an RV in Kentucky, sweating because the air conditioner is too loud when Eric’s recording audio for the podcast.

So, today they fought about a phone charger, they fought over a cushion on the couch, they fought over who got to be the pretend driver… yup.

Hazel’s ready to come home. She misses her friends and her puppy. She said today: “it really is true that you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.” She cried and I sat with her and listened to her talk about how she hated the RV. It’s cramped and hot and there are no doors. All true, sweets. I sat with her until she got it all out.

It was all I could do not to cry with her and hop on the next flight home.

I’m hoping, once we get to the Rockies that she’ll find some renewed enthusiasm. The middle of the country is beautiful. But it’s a long, flat slog through the window of an RV.

They get along sometimes, too

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